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Pressure on the nerve roots and spinal cords can cause numbness, tingling, or pain in the legs and arms. In the lumbar area, pressure on your nerve roots can lead to bowel or bladder issues and also cause trouble walking. Laminectomy might be an ideal option to treat your back pain. Read this article to learn more about laminectomy surgery in Mumbai.

Note : The “lumbar region” refers to your lower back.

What is laminectomy surgery?

It is one of the most common types of back surgery. In this procedure, your spine surgeon removes your lamina from your lower spine. Although it is frequently used to treat lower back issues, it may also be effective in treating neck or middle-spine issues. 

The lamina, also known as “bony arches,” are small bone fragments that protrude from the back of the spine. When they are taken out, pressure is taken off the spinal cord or nerves that are being pinched. This can make it easier to work and live.

Laminectomy surgery in Mumbai

What are the different types of laminectomy surgeries?

A few different kinds of laminectomy surgery in Mumbai include:

Cervical laminectomy

In this, a surgeon performs surgery in your neck’s vertebrae

Lumbar laminectomy

This involves your lower back’s vertebrae. It can help you relieve pain in the legs, buttocks, and lower back. 

Sacral laminectomy

The lamina of the fused sacral vertebrae is removed during this surgery.

Why is laminectomy surgery in Mumbai performed?

The natural process of bone aging in your spine begins at age 30 and, in some individuals, leads to nerve and pain-related symptoms. When such symptoms interfere with your quality and function of life, laminectomy surgery is usually the finest choice. It can sometimes be done as part of a larger surgery to treat serious problems with the spine. 

Laminectomy surgery in Mumbai can treat many spinal conditions, such as:

How should I get ready for laminectomy surgery in Mumbai?

You should avoid drinking and eating for a specific period of time before your surgery. Our spine specialists at One Spine Clinic will provide you with instructions about the types of drugs you must and must not take before the surgery. 

What is the procedure for laminectomy surgery in Mumbai?

Initially, you will be lying face down on a specific device that gently pads the front part of the body. General anesthesia will be given to make you sleep during the surgery. Your surgeon will then:

procedure laminectomy surgery in Mumbai

How long does a laminectomy surgery last?

A laminectomy surgery generally takes up to two hours, but sometimes the procedure can be longer if you are dealing with severe back issues and need several levels to be addressed. 

What are the complications and risks related to laminectomy surgery?

Possible complications and risks of laminectomy surgery include:

What can I expect following laminectomy surgery in Mumbai?

You might return home the exact day of your surgery or might need a hospital stay for two to three days based on the size of your surgery. Spine surgeons can perform laminectomy by using small incisions or large incisions with the help of specific tools. If a surgeon uses less-invasive methods to carry out laminectomy surgery, you might return home sooner and have fewer chances of complications. 

Before you go home, our doctor at One Spine Clinic will give you painkillers and other medicines to help you feel better. Your healthcare provider will also guide you on how to get out of bed and walk after the surgery. You can be referred to a physiotherapist, who can teach you how to move carefully during your recovery process. 

How much time does it take to recover from a laminectomy surgery?

Every individual heals at a different pace. Take proper rest in the early days of your recovery process. You must avoid twisting and bending motions for a few days after the surgery. 

Make sure to follow the instructions your doctor gives you. Physical therapies such as stretching and muscle-strengthening exercises may enable you to move without pain or discomfort. 

A compressed nerve in your spine might cause serious issues, like lower back pain, and can restrict you from enjoying your life. Often, physical therapies and medications can treat minor spinal issues. When these options don’t work, laminectomy surgery may be an ideal option. 

At One Spine Clinic, we have a team of highly experienced spine specialists that offer the best treatment based on your back problems. Our goal is to get our patients back to their regular lives as quickly as possible. We have been in this field for several years and provide our patients with the best laminectomy surgery in Mumbai. 

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