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spinal reconstruction surgery in Mumbai

Spinal reconstruction or spinal fusion surgery is the process of fusing two or more vertebrae in the spine. The procedure eliminates vertebral movement, resulting in a solitary bone. Go through this article to learn more about spinal reconstruction surgery in Mumbai. 

What is spinal reconstruction surgery?

Who is a suitable candidate for spinal reconstruction surgery in Mumbai?

Spinal surgery may be the last alternative if conservative medications fail. 

The following conditions may need spinal reconstruction surgery in Mumbai: 

What happens during spinal reconstruction surgery in Mumbai?

  • Spinal reconstruction surgery may be needed for people with a deformity or misalignment of a large part of the spine.
  • In this process, multiple levels of the spine are restored for significant spinal deformities. Additionally, rods and pins are used to stabilize the newly shaped spine, and the vertebrae are fused at the end of the process. When treating a disease that affects a segment of the spine, it is sometimes necessary to remove the whole vertebra and then implant an artificial instrument (device) in its place.
  • To restore the condition of the spine, spinal fusion, minimally invasive spine surgery, stereotactic spine radiosurgery, artificial disc replacement, and many other spine surgeries will be performed. 
procedure for spinal reconstruction surgery in Mumbai

What are the benefits of spinal reconstruction surgery in Mumbai?

Spinal reconstruction surgery in Mumbai benefits you in the following ways:

What side effects are caused by spinal reconstruction surgery?


After the surgery, infections can occur at the surgical site if the proper procedure has not been followed by the surgeon’s team. 

Infections can get worse if they’re left untreated.

This is one of the most complicated side effects of spine surgery, which can be either long-term or short-term. 

General anesthesia

The anesthesia that was given to the patient before the surgery for sedation has also had some bad effects on the body. 

Below are some conditions that are likely to occur due to general anesthesia: 

Dizziness, vomiting, nausea, dry mouth, muscle pain, shivering, heart attack, and bladder problems 

Excessive Bleeding

Excessive bleeding occurs when the spine is exposed and the muscle is peeled away from the bone. The exposed muscle and bone can bleed if they are not sealed appropriately. 

Also, sometimes surgical instruments or devices can damage the blood vessel, which results in blood loss. 

Blood clots

Blood clots are less likely to occur during spinal reconstruction surgery, but there is still a chance. 

Spinal cord or nerve root damage

Spinal cord or nerve root injuries are likely to occur during the surgery due to the surgical tools. 

Lung issues

General anesthesia is responsible for dysfunction in the lungs and difficulty performing basic activities. 

Spinal implantation problems

Spinal implants or instruments involve interbody tools, rods, plates, and screws that are inserted in the vertebrae of the spine to provide strength to the spinal cord.

However, if the micro-instruments break or move from their original position, it can be dangerous and require a second surgery to repair. 

Adjacent segment disorder

Adjacent segment disorder is a problem that can happen after spine surgery. It causes pain and instability in the back area. 

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