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Neck pain is common in young or older groups, but this mild pain can give rise to a serious condition if left untreated. In this situation, your nerves are compressed, which leads to numbness and weakness in the neck. For more information, read Neck Pain Treatment in Mumbai. 

What is neck pain?

There are seven types of neck pain:

What are the possible reasons behind neck pain?

Most neck pains are caused by injuries or accidents, but there are other things that can cause pain in the neck, such as:
Nerve compression

Bone spurs or herniated disc in the vertebrae of the neck area can get compressed on the nerve that is connected to the spinal cord and can give rise to nerve compression.


Back injuries can result in severe neck pain. In this case, the vertebral joints, ligaments, discs, and nerve roots are affected by traumatic injury. 

Physical strain

Immoderate neck activities and a lack of rest can give rise to neck strains.


Diseases are one of the major factors in neck discomfort. Diseases such as cancer, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and meningitis lead to neck pain issues.

How do doctors diagnose neck pain?

Mostly, your doctor will conduct a few physical tests before starting any treatment. During this test, your muscle resilience and movement will be examined. 

Here are the imaging tests that are done to look at the affected part of the neck:

Nerve tests are carried out to study the nerves and how impulses are generated through nerve tissues.

The tests listed below will assist you in determining nerve injuries:


X-rays are taken to determine the exact position of the neck, where nerves and vertebrae of the spine have become dislodged, and if any other changes have occurred.

CT scan

A CT scan uses a combination of X-rays to view images on a cross-sectional side in order to obtain images of the affected area.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) makes detailed pictures of bone spurs, soft tissues, herniated disc, the spinal cord, and nerves by using a magnetic field.

What are some ways to relieve neck pain at home?

Your doctor will advise you to follow home remedies to ease the pain, which include the following: 
using ice and heat packs for neck pain treatment in Mumbai
If you are looking for long-term effects, then you should strictly follow the below steps:

These are a few tips that may help you provide comfort at home effortlessly.

How do I prepare for neck pain treatment in Mumbai?

Keep the following questions in mind as you prepare for your appointment:
  1. When did your neck pain symptoms start? 
  2. Have you ever faced a neck injury? If yes, when? 
  3. Do specific neck movements worsen or improve your pain? 
  4. What supplements and medications do you take daily? 

How is neck pain treated or managed?

The treatment for neck pain varies depending on the cause. It can help you ease symptoms and enhance your overall function. A few standard treatments for your neck pain symptoms include:


A professional physical therapist can teach correct neck strengthening exercises, alignment, and posture. As part of physiotherapy, ice, heat, and different exercises may be used to help ease symptoms. 

TENS- Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Electrodes placed on your skin around the painful areas provide small electrical impulses that might ease the pain. 

Soft neck collar

A soft collar that supports your neck might help ease your symptoms by removing the pressure from your neck. Make sure to use this by consulting your healthcare provider. 

Surgical treatment and various procedures

Steroid injections

Your doctor may use steroid drugs around the nerve roots, in the spinal muscles, and in the joints of your neck. Numbing drugs like lidocaine can also be used to ease the symptoms of neck pain. 

steroid injections for neck pain treatment in Mumbai


Surgery is rarely required for neck pain. Your doctor might recommend surgery for spinal cord decompression or to ease the nerve roots. 

What are the risks associated with neck surgery?

Complications and risk factors are considered part of any surgical procedure. In the same way, neck surgeries include several risks, and they are: 

There are some other known complications from surgeries:

How can neck pain be avoided?

Most of the time, bad posture or getting older can cause neck pain because it affects the way your joints move. 

To ease the symptoms, here are a few measures to prevent neck pain, which include: 

Always try to maintain a good posture while you are sitting or doing any sort of activity. 

Quit smoking to avoid damage to muscles and bones. 

Don’t pull heavy weights, as they can increase the pain. 

At One Spine Clinic, our spine doctors can help you learn more about your neck pain. Our spine specialists will help you figure out the best treatment for you based on your causes and symptoms. One of our main motives is to offer the best neck pain treatment in Mumbai to all of our patients.

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