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cervical myelopathy treatment in Mumbai

Cervical myelopathy is a progressive spine condition. It might lead to spasticity in the late phases. You must receive treatment as early as possible to assure the best outcome. You also feel pain and isolation while dealing with this condition. Read on to learn about cervical myelopathy treatment in Mumbai.

What is cervical myelopathy?

Compression of your cervical spinal cord perfectly describes the term “cervical myelopathy.” Depending on what caused the compression, it can cause pain, loss of balance, paralysis, or problems with how you feel things.

Many studies have said that this is one of the most common spinal conditions worldwide. It can also lead to chronic neck pain. 

This condition evolves from mild to serious symptoms. If you get an early diagnosis and treatment, you can stay away from surgical procedures

What are the causes of cervical myelopathy?

Below are a few of the main causes of cervical myelopathy:


Cervical myelopathy can occur due to the changes in your spine and its supportive tissues that can form with aging factors and also due to repetitive movements. As you age, your spinal canal might get narrow as your spine’s tissues become less supportive. 

It is more often seen in patients who are over 40 years old. If your cervical myelopathy is caused mostly by getting older, it might be called a degenerative condition.

Rheumatoid arthritis

RA, or rheumatoid arthritis, is an autoimmune disease that mostly affects the soft tissues between the joints. If you have RA, the tissue surrounding the cartilage and bones in the cervical spine might degenerate and become inflamed. This can lead to compression of your spinal cord. 


An injury to your spine can lead to or speed up cervical myelopathy. A neck injury can cause painful tears in the structures of your spine, which could lead to breaks. This can make your spine dislocate. A few injuries can lead to tissue swelling, which causes pressure on your spinal canal. 


A few people are more susceptible to cervical myelopathy just because of an inborn narrow spinal canal. People with Down syndrome or other genetic conditions might also be more likely to get this spinal condition.

Bone spurs

Osteophytes, also known as bone spurs, in your spinal bones can slender your spinal canal. These soft developments within your bones are most common in patients over the age of 60, as well as in osteoarthritis patients.

What are the symptoms of cervical myelopathy?

Cervical myelopathy symptoms usually begin in the neck area. Early symptoms of cervical myelopathy include stiffness or neck pain.

If cervical myelopathy is left untreated, the spinal cord compression will have a few neurological effects as well. This can lead to more serious symptoms, such as: 

How is cervical myelopathy diagnosed?

The diagnosis will need various imaging tests. These tests will decide whether you have cervical myelopathy and what would be the precise treatment for your condition. If you have unusual neck pain, you should talk to one of our spine specialists at One Spine Clinic. Treatments work better if they are started early. 

diagnosis of cervical myelopathy

Your spine doctor will start the diagnosis process by asking a few questions and then performing a physical test. This test might be carried out by a specialist or a general practitioner, like a rheumatologist or an orthopedist. Your muscle strength, reflexes, and sensations will be examined during this phase of the diagnostic process. 

An MRI, CT scan, or X-ray will be ordered if the doctor suspects cervical myelopathy. These imaging tests can confirm your diagnosis and show if any damage has already been done to your spinal cord.

What are the non-surgical cervical myelopathy treatment in Mumbai?

It is highly recommended to get treatment for cervical myelopathy as soon as possible. If you let this condition get worse, you could end up with serious problems like a fused spine, bone spurs, weakness, or pain that doesn’t go away. This can intensely restrict your mobility. 

There are different ways to treat cervical myelopathy, depending on what caused it and what symptoms it has. The diagnosis can also be a big factor in choosing the right treatment. 

Physiotherapy for cervical myelopathy treatment in Mumbai

If your doctor finds cervical myelopathy early and it isn’t getting worse quickly, he or she might suggest physiotherapy. A physiotherapist might be able to balance your motion range and address stiffness and neck pain. 

Physiotherapy is usually recommended by doctors as part of the recovery process after surgery.

physiotherapy cervical myelopathy treatment in Mumbai

Pain relief options for cervical myelopathy treatment in Mumbai

If your cervical myelopathy symptoms aren’t too bad, you might be given anti-inflammatory and corticosteroid drugs to help you feel better.

What are the surgical cervical myelopathy treatment in Mumbai?

If your cervical myelopathy symptoms are bad and getting worse, your spine specialist will probably recommend surgery. Surgical procedures will help to create extra space in the spinal column and release pressure from your spinal cord. 

The surgery is performed by a neurosurgeon. The surgery method differs from person to person. Laminectomy, spinal fusion, and laminoplasty are three major surgery options that are generally performed. Several people who have had surgery at One Spine Clinic report that their symptoms are much better or gone. 

Please keep in mind that older people who have lost a significant amount of nerve function may not experience the same surgical benefits as younger patients. 

What are the risks and complications associated with cervical myelopathy surgery?

Like any other surgical procedure, cervical myelopathy surgery has risks and complications, such as infection. For a few patients dealing with cervical myelopathy, doctors say that such potential risks are outweighed by the benefits of these surgeries. 

If you think you might have cervical myelopathy, you should talk to a doctor at One Spine Clinic right away. Feel free to ask any questions to our spine specialists, as it’s important to clear all your doubts before receiving any type of treatment. We have a highly professional team with several years of experience performing cervical spine surgeries. We make sure that you receive the best cervical myelopathy treatment in Mumbai. Your well-being is all that matters to us! 

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