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laser spine surgery in Mumbai

Laser spine surgery is a series of procedures used to treat spinal deformities such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and many other conditions. So, let’s get into the article to learn more about laser spine surgery in Mumbai. 

What is laser spine surgery?

What are the mandatory tests before laser spine surgery in Mumbai?

Before proceeding with the laser spine surgery in Mumbai, some mandatory tests are conducted to analyze your spine’s condition. 

So here are a few tests and examinations conducted, including:

Medical history

Your doctor will go through your medical history, and according to that, he or she will instruct you about the further procedure. 

Physical test

During the physical examination, the following things are recorded:
Also, your doctor conducts a neurological test to review your neck and spine muscles’ resilience and reflexes.  

Imaging test

The imaging test is the pre-operative procedure, which begins with:

CT scan

A CT scan is a modern test that gives better pictures of the areas of the spine that are hurt. 

This involves a cross-sectional view of bone spurs, discs, nerve roots, the spine (vertebrae), tissues, and so on. 

The images that were scanned are put together and shown as pictures on the computer. 


The MRI test works as an assistant in generating the internal anatomy of affected regions such as slipped discs, blood clots in the spine, and nerve compression.

A variety of spine problems can be resolved with a radio-magnetic imaging test.


The X-ray helps in diagnosing the cause of pain or discomfort. This test reveals various injuries, spinal tumors, degenerative discs, deformities, ruptures, herniated discs, etc. 


A myelogram is also an imaging test, where a contrast dye is injected through the veins to visualize the affected spine parts. 

NCV(Nerve conduction velocity)

The NCV test measures nerve conductivity and electrical impulses through nerves. 

The nerve conduction test helps determine nerve injuries, compression, and so on. 


Electromyography tests can deter postoperative radiculopathy. 

Also, it helps in diagnosing various spine disorders that cause weakness and discomfort.

Tissue Biopsy

A tissue biopsy may be performed to examine any spine tumor. 

Conditions like inflammation, infections, or spinal disabilities can be diagnosed with the help of tissue biopsy tests. 

How does laser spine surgery in Mumbai work?

The following steps are taken to complete laser spine surgery in Mumbai:

procedure for laser spine surgery in Mumbai

What precautions are followed to avoid further complications?

Precautions have always helped in avoiding risk and complications after any surgery or treatment. 

So here are a few precautionary measures given below: 

What are the risks and complications associated with laser spine surgery?

Laser spine surgeries are effective but also come with some drawbacks:

Nerve or spinal injuries

During the procedure, there is a possibility of a nerve or spinal cord injury. 


If procedures aren’t done right, an infection could happen near the spinal cord or where the incision was made. 

Back discomfort

Sometimes, back discomfort or pain continues even after the surgery. 

Spinal instability

There is the possibility of spinal instability in laser spine surgery. 


Sciatica pain after laser spine surgery is less common. 

Therefore, please consult your doctor if you go through the above-mentioned post-surgical conditions.
Laser spine surgery in Mumbai

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