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Back pain can be caused by things like irritated nerves, degenerative disc disease, a slipped disc, and so on. Also, the pain is accompanied by numbness, weakness, and tingling in your back muscles. Get into this article to learn more about back pain treatment in Mumbai. 

What is back pain?

Back pain has several types that include:

How is back pain diagnosed?

In the diagnosis process, your doctor will perform some physical tests to check the muscle stability of your legs, arms, and back. 

Following are the imaging tests performed to determine the main cause of back pain.


An X-ray is used to find out what is causing back pain, such as a broken bone, arthritis, spondylodiscitis, a herniated disc, degenerative discs, a spine tumor, etc. 

Problems related to the spinal cord, muscles, nerves, and disks can be reviewed here.

MRI or CT scan

MRI and CT scans are advanced ways to get clear pictures of joints, spine discs, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

This assists the doctor in making an accurate diagnosis of back pain.

Blood test

Blood tests can tell if a person has an infection in the spine or a disorder related to the spine in the back. 

Nerve conduction test

The nerve conduction test, which is also called the nerve conduction velocity test, helps relieve pain by sending low electrical impulses through nerves and watching how the muscles react.

What are some of the available back pain treatment in Mumbai?

Pain relievers

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as:

Note : overuse of this medication can have side effects

Muscle relaxants

Muscle relaxants are effective treatments for muscle spasms, which are involuntary muscle contractions caused by back problems like whiplash, fibromyalgia, or low back pressure. 


Narcotics are referred to as strong drugs used for treating severe back pain, that isn’t relieved with normal medications(drugs) 

Narcotics are typically used for short-term pain relief and include drugs such as:


Antidepressants may be suggested by your doctor to reduce back pain and muscle strain. 

Here are a few antidepressants commonly used for severe back pain, and they are: 

Topical pain relievers

Topical pain relievers include sprays, ointments, and creams that are directly applied to the affected region to reduce pain. 

Physical therapy

A doctor will often suggest physical exercises or workouts as an effective way for back pain treatment in Mumbai. 

Physical therapies are considered first-line treatments because they help you with the following conditions:
physical therapy for back pain treatment in Mumbai

The goal of these exercises is to provide flexibility and strength training for the entire body. 

This refers to the groups of body segments, joints, and muscles that cooperate to perform movement in the body.

Physical therapy helps restore your ability to perform day-to-day activities with less discomfort.

Corticosteroid injection

If the above treatment options fail to produce positive results, corticosteroid injections can help reduce inflammation in the affected area. 

But this corticosteroid reliever is a short-term therapy and hardly lasts for 2 months. 

Radiofrequency ablation

Radiofrequency ablation is a process that uses a radiofrequency needle to heat the part of the nerve that sends heat to make heat lesions. 

Because of this, the lesion stops the nerve from sending pain signals to the brain, which makes the back pain go away. 

Nerve implant stimulator

A spinal cord stimulator is a medical device that is surgically implanted and sends low levels of electricity directly into your spinal cord to relieve pain.


If the pain doesn’t go away and keeps spreading to the legs and arms, it’s a serious problem, and surgery is the only way to fix it. 

Surgery will certainly help in reducing pain and restoring your spine’s condition. 

surgery for back pain treatment in Mumbai

What are the risk factors for back pain?

Back pain can affect anyone, including teenagers and children. These aspects can increase the chances of developing back pain: 


Back pain is common from age 30 to 40.

Lack of workouts and exercise

Unused, weak muscles in your abdomen and back may cause back pain. 

Excess weight

High body weight applies more pressure to your back. 


A few types of cancer and arthritis can lead to back pain.

Improper lifting

Utilizing your back rather than your legs for lifting can cause back pain.

Psychological conditions

People who suffer from anxiety and depression are more likely to suffer from back pain. Stress can lead to muscle tension, which can cause back pain. 


Smokers are more prone to back pain. As smoking causes coughing, which can also cause herniated discs, it can also reduce blood flow to your spine and increase the chances of developing osteoporosis.

Several patients live their daily lives with back pain. Pain, stiffness, and restricted movement can have a big impact on the quality of your life. Consult with our spine specialists at One Spine Clinic to relieve your pain and enjoy your life to the fullest. Our highly experienced spine doctors make sure you receive the best back pain treatment in Mumbai.

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