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vertebroplasty surgery in Mumbai

People with compression fractures who are in a lot of pain and discomfort can get vertebroplasty surgery in Mumbai to improve their mobility, ease their pain, and lower the amount of pain medication they need. Read more to learn about vertebroplasty surgery in Mumbai.

What is vertebroplasty surgery?

Vertebroplasty is performed to treat your spine’s compression fractures. Your vertebrae consist of several bones that make up your spinal column. They protect and embrace the spinal cord. If one of the vertebrae fractures, it falls in and can limit the area around the spinal cord. This can cause immense pain. In this procedure, a specific bone cement is placed into your fractured vertebra. It helps to improve the condition of your vertebrae and ease your pain. 

This is a minimally invasive spine surgery. Your healthcare provider will only suggest this if other low-risk options have failed. These might include physiotherapy, back braces, pain medication, and bed rest. If done within eight weeks of the vertebral compression fracture in your spine, vertebroplasty surgery in Mumbai has a very high success rate.

Why is vertebroplasty surgery in Mumbai required?

Your doctor might suggest this to treat the spine’s vertebral compression fractures. It happens when your vertebral bones become infirm. 

It can also treat the following conditions:

Cancerous or malignant fractures

A cancerous or malignant fracture can make your bones weak, leading to higher chances of vertebral compression fractures.

Osteoporotic fracture

Osteoporosis causes the loss of bones and bone mass that are porous. This leads to bone weakness and increases the chances of vertebral compression fractures. 


The reinforcement of several vertebrae or vertebral bones before a surgical procedure for spine stabilization can lead to a vertebral compression fracture. 

Vertebral hemangioma

It is an uncommon overgrowth of blood vessels in your vertebra. 

Vertebral osteonecrosis

It is referred to as “bone death” and is one of the rarest conditions. 

Weakened vertebrae

When your bones are too frail to open for a surgical repair. 

How should I prepare for the vertebroplasty procedure?

You are an essential member of your healthcare team. The steps you follow before your vertebroplasty surgery in Mumbai can enhance the outcome and comfort. 

You can prepare for a vertebroplasty surgery in Mumbai by:

Who performs vertebroplasty surgery in Mumbai?

The below-listed specialists perform vertebroplasty surgery:

How is vertebroplasty surgery performed?

Vertebroplasty surgery in Mumbai will be carried out in a hospital or as an outpatient radiology procedure. 

It takes nearly an hour for a single vertebra and usually involves the following steps:

steps of vertebroplasty surgery in Mumbai

What are the complications and potential risks of vertebroplasty surgery?

Complications and risks after vertebroplasty surgery are rare, but any surgical procedure comes with a few types of risks. They can evolve during your recovery stage or even at the time of the procedure. Some of the risks and potential complications of vertebroplasty surgery involve: 

Note : Paralysis occurs rarely after vertebroplasty surgery.

How can you reduce the risks and complications of vertebroplasty surgery?

You can lower your chances of getting certain problems by following the treatment plan and: 

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