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A patient with spine TB experiences painful movements and back pain in the beginning phase of this disease. It can also cause a fever as well as a loss of appetite and weight. Read on to learn more about this spinal disease and the best spine TB specialist in Mumbai.

What is spine TB?

Spine TB, also called tuberculous spondylitis or Pott’s disease, is an infectious disease that makes your vertebrae collapse, leading to kyphosis or a hunchback. It is a disastrous form of tuberculosis. It is more commonly seen in young adults and children. Spine TB incidence is evolving in many developed countries. Spinal TB usually affects the upper lumbar and lower thoracic vertebrae. This is a combination of infective arthritis and osteomyelitis. 

What are the causes of spine TB?

Spine TB happens when you contract TB and it extends outside of your lungs. TB is generally spread from individual to individual through the air. Once you contract TB, it can spread from the blood of your lymph nodes or lungs into the joints or spine. Spine TB usually starts because of an intense blood supply in the centers of the vertebrae or long bones. 

Spine TB is rare, but in the last few years, this disease has evolved in great numbers. But spinal TB is hard to spot and can cause serious back problems if it isn’t treated. 

What are the symptoms of spine TB?

If a person with tuberculosis has severe back pain, it is probably a sign of TB in the spine. If this happens, you need to get help from a spine specialist with a lot of experience, like our spine TB specialist in Mumbai. 

In a few cases, people don’t search for treatment for several days until the spinal pain becomes severe. If the pain worsens, the person may not be able to walk or stand appropriately without facing several spine symptoms, such as weakness, pain, and numbness in the legs. 

Spinal deformity, limited movement of the spine, problems with your nerves, and pain in the area of your spine are also signs of spine TB. 

Neurological deficits can happen as an outcome of spine TB, along with paralysis of both legs, nerve root pain, and impaired sensation. There are a few indirect signs that might still be associated with this spinal disease, like weakness, body malaise, fever, night sweats, and weight loss.

How is spine TB diagnosed?

The diagnosing process is carried out with the help of bone scans, tuberculin skin tests, spine radiographs, MRIs, and blood tests. Early diagnosis can help treat spine TB without requiring any invasive methods.

What are the treatments for spine TB?

Spine TB requires a treatment course that lasts for around a year. The length of the course depends on how sick you are and is different for each patient. 

Patients might be recommended medications containing rifampin and isoniazid. In the early months of the treatment, your doctor might also suggest TB medications like streptomycin, pyrazinamide, or ethambutol. 

Surgery is recommended for patients who are dealing with intense kyphosis. A few of the surgeries that can be done to treat spine TB are posterior and anterior bone grafting, posterior shortening, posterior instrumented stabilization, and anterior decompression. 

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