4 Ways to Ease Your Back Pain at Home

Back pain is a ubiquitous experience. After all, the human spine is entrusted with the critical task of carrying the weight of your entire body.  Evolutionary factors have made it even more vulnerable. The transition from a four-legged being to walking upright on two feet has placed increased stress on our spine. For effective solutions, consider exploring Back Pain Treatment in Mumbai.  

Whatever might be the cause, everyone has experienced backache at some point in their life. Given its prevalence, lower back pain has also been called a global epidemic. It is a problem that comes with aging, the physical demands of one’s work, or an injury or strain. It might also arise as a symptom of health conditions like scoliosis or osteoporosis. 

If the cause of the pain isn’t a challenging health condition, the pain can be relieved by introducing some lifestyle changes in your life. Read on to learn how to seek back pain relief before resorting to a professional medical intervention.  

4 Ways To Ease Your Back Pain At Home

Sleep is the ultimate remedy 

The catch-22 situation with sleep is that back pain makes it difficult for you to sleep peacefully, but lack of sleep can only aggravate the back pain. It can get worse if you’re sleeping in a poor position. The kind of mattress you’re sleeping on can also make a great difference. Instead of sleeping on a firm or super soft mattress, it is advised that you pick a medium-firm mattress. It’s adequately comfortable and helps maintain the spine’s natural curvature.

Get your body moving

Contrary to popular opinion, the long duration of bed rest does not aid with back pain, in fact, it might make it worse. Understandably, it might be a challenge to get up and move while being in pain, however, low-impact physical activities like a short walk, yoga, aerobics, swimming, or can be really helpful with back pain. Light exercises can release endorphins which in turn help relax muscles and relieve pain.

Correct your posture 

Multiple studies have shown that poor posture can result in back pain, especially that of the lower back. So do not slouch too much while sitting, do not slump over your keyboard while working, also sit on the edge of your chair with your feet on the floor. Basically, being mindful of your posture while doing regular activities can go a long way.

Cold and hot treatment 

One of the most infallible remedies for lower back pain is using ice packs or heating pads on the affected area. But the common query in this regard is which one is better – heat or cold therapy? Using a heat pack helps improve blood flow in the area it is applied. So if your backache is due to muscle pain and stiffness, heat treatment is right for you. Using an ice pack helps reduce inflammation in the area it is applied. So, if your back hurts because of an injury, cold treatment might do wonders for you.

4 Ways to Ease Your Back Pain at Home
It is important to note that if your pain does not subside even after a long time, or if it is absolutely difficult to bear, it is imperative that you seek medical support.  For the best back pain treatment in Mumbai you can reach out to One Spine, the leading spine clinic in the city comprising of highly experienced and capable spine specialists, physiotherapists and medical professionals. Regarded as the Best Spine Clinic in Mumbai, here you can receive superior care and treatment for your back issues. We are dedicated to providing lasting relief and improving the health of your spine. 
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